You come to me in waves A full-foamed finger cresting on the tip of Hips. You leave In the retracted tug of tides In The slip of an upturned Lip you go Away. You show me how deep the sand goes when you Hug your arms to your body The tightest shoreline You can be […]

When I fold the clothes I used to sling onto Bones And decide what to keep and what to Leave When I fold the space Between us In half Draping My full heart over yours When I crease the corners of Lies you Once told And decide what to keep and what to Leave Behind […]

Sometimes I want to pull myself up by my bootstraps. Sometimes I want to let you know just how deep my roots go. Often I sit cradling something that is difficult to hold Arms wrapped around my body like this is a visceral thing. I try to hand it over in words in the small […]

In the morning you forget The futility of bones. Breakfast? We like to gather in the corner Of an elbow Prop ourselves up And make clean. In the deep Of some sea-board night I remember How much I want your ribs laced with mine Like a strange corset. In the morning I look to you […]

In the pool legs kicking, tail actually you couldn’t have known what a mythical creature you were getting. Mother I’m hungry words dripping like the sprinkles on my post-swimming donut. Years later sobbing on a curb refusing to eat Mother I’m sorry you birthed a mermaid. Tail, scales shell hoarder sand-slit eyes: this is the […]

If you will not hold me between your two arms like a hair in a tweezer let’s be honest I will pluck the lips of you the teeth of you I will grow in an abrasive direction until you wish you had made that follicle dead. The growth of us: of things under soil, or […]

1. You do not think of me tonight. 2. In the dark, do you feel my heart crawling away from yours? It emptied out a Ford Bronco with wind whistling through the windows that were no longer there. 3. In the dark my lips salty, rimmed with tears like the lip of a margarita glass. […]

Licking the pasty cornered creases of my mouth I think of my tongue being swirled into the bathtub drain that held both our strands of hair and now is just metal. You get too attached, well. Well. In the fairytale, the man went down into the well to fish out the rusted-over shadow of a […]

When I can only speak highly of you when I can do nothing but grab for your toes please do not leave me when things get easy. There have been nights of constant torture. I have let my ribcage balance a candle with a flame. The times I had to breathe were the worst. The […]

In the depths of a holding hand, are you giving yourself away cheaply? Listen to me: Yes. You will listen to me. You have no idea how long I have collected sinewy muscles underneath sandbar skin. I have given you all of this. Like fine China, in a cabinet, but your words mean nothing in […]